podcasting project

Course Description:

Two week intensive summer course. The course entails methods for teaching academic courses in English and practice in speaking and writing academic English. The participants are  professors from Germany who teach academic content courses to other non native speakers of English. The professors are not English language teachers nor do they have a background in teaching English.

Number of Participants:16

Level: Advanced, adults

Basic information about the course:

The professors have English class from 9-12, lab from 1-2, and in the afternoon they have a 2 hour lecture or observations of American professors teaching courses similar to thier own.

For purposes of this project, I will explain only how I will use voicethread and audacity in the course.

Objectives for using technology:

1. The professors will be able to effectively use and create a voicethread

2. The professors will be able to effectively use and create 2 audacity voice messages.

Technology tasks:


1) Introductions: The professors record a self introduction with audacity for voicethread.

2)  Discussion questions:In two teams, the professors will create a voice thread discussion question related to teaching adademic course content in English. One team each week will pose a question for the reminder of the class to answer. (course length is 2 weeks)


1) The professors will watch a video of thier 5 minute practice teaching and provide an audacity guided evaluation using the rubic for the week. One audacity evaluation per week.

2) Professors will listen to my audacity evaluation to their teaching video AFTER they have submitted thier own evaluation recording.